Shamed by You English? The ads of 1963 - Classic Comic Book Ads  

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When I began doing this section I re-came across the "shamed by your english" advert and remembered that somewhere I had read a great parody of that somewhere, although I could not exactly remember where. It took a couple of days until I remembered the "1963" series and dug it out of its boxed-up home.

Having read a few Cracked magazines, a paperback sized compilation print of a similar title from the US called "Sick" and probably my body weight in American and Australian Mad magazines, I couldn't really be sure at first where this was.

Going through the series, I found that I had more and more of the source ads for the parody and most of these I had already scanned for the homage to the originals. Thus, the 1963 section was born.

My favourite line; "Plus, you how learn to emphasize big important words in eratic like manner, much like me!!!


1963 Published by Image Comics. Character copyright is attributed to Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, Rick Veitch with further copyrights for Dave Gibbons, John Totleben, Chester Brown, Don Simpson and Jim Valentino.

Art used for archival reasons.

Author: Grant McDonald