Amazing Illusory "X-Ray" Vision, Instantly - Classic Comic Book Ads  

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Mine are made by the "Transcience Corporation" and purchased in 1996 but I both are "blushingly funny".

The X-Ray Spex were always something that I wanted to have. I knew what I bought from Bernard's Magic Shop was an illusion so I was under no illusion that the product would allow me superman-like x-ray vision. Even the ad is fairly blatant about it: "No real "X-Ray" vision is obtained, but you get an illusion of "X-Ray" vision so amazing you will hardly believe your eyes."

The trick is that there must be a source of light behind your subject. Looking at your hand works best. The illusion is the same as what's shown in the ad, the skin around the fingers appears translucent with solid black bones inside.

The final pitch, I can honestly say is true. They last for years, need no batteries and are completely harmless.

Author: Grant McDonald

090808 NW